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  1. This Proposal on Enhancing Ecclesial Responsibility of Global South Churches sets out a clear basis and a coherent structure for constituting The Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSA for short).

  2. The proposal arises from the resolution of the sixth Global South Conference in Cairo, October 2016  :
    “… We recognise the need for our enhanced ecclesial responsibility. We need to strengthen our doctrinal teaching, our ecclesiastical ordering of our collective life as a global fellowship and the flourishing of our gifts in the one another-ness of our mission.

    The Global South Primates will therefore form a task force to recommend how these needs can be effectively addressed.” (The Sixth Trumpet, October 2016 Communiqué, paras. 30, 31)

  3. The objectives of the enhanced ecclesial structure proposed by the Study Group (Task Force) are fourfold:

    ​i.    to guard well together the faith that was once for all delivered to the saints;
    ii.   to be effective in fulfilling God’s mission to the world;
    iii.  to strengthen the Global South (GS) identity, its governance, its relational life and its collective mission and formation of disciples to respond with humility and robustness to the social challenges and movements of thoughts in the larger church and the world; and
    iv.   to work for the well-being of our Anglican Communion as we see ourselves as an intrinsic part of the Communion.

  4. The specific proposals of the Study may be summarized as follows:
    i.   have a doctrinal basis for the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSA), where membership of the ecclesial grouping is not merely by geographical location but by way of agreement to clearly enunciated Fundamental Declarations in keeping with orthodox faith (Section 1);
    ii.   To express the group’s common life by way of relational commitments to one another in discipleship, mission and ministry. These relational commitments will be actualised through specific Task Forces, which we envisage will work with other doctrinally orthodox global bodies, dioceses and parishes in the Anglican Communion (Section 2).
    iii.   To establish conciliar structures for the Churches of GSA so that particular Provinces/Dioceses in their respective Churches and together as the Church universal have a clearer process for addressing ‘Faith and Order’ issues, establishing the limits of diversity, holding each other accountable to a common dogmatic and liturgical tradition, and making decisions which carry force in the life of the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches (GSA) (Section 3);
    iv.   Agreement with the doctrinal foundation, relational commitments and conciliar structures makes the GSA an effective and coherent ecclesial body with member Churches in full communion with each other. The goal is to be an ecclesial body that is faithful to God’s revealed word and effective in Gospel mission to the world.

Read the whole document here.

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