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31st August 2020

1. We are most grateful to our Lord for enabling us as members of the Global South Steering Committee to meet via Zoom in the midst of various demands and restrictions caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic. 

2. We were greatly encouraged and inspired by the prophetic word shared by Archbishop Justin Badi from Luke 5:1-11 calling us to let down our nets even at this time for a big catch. 

3. Archbishop Mouneer spoke on the theme, “Continue the race” based on Hebrews 12:1-3 as he gave an Overview of the beginnings and development of the Global South from its first meeting in Limuru, Kenya in 1994. He also identified the Challenge the Global South continues to face in relation to fulfilling her responsibility towards the Anglican Communion and the Church of Christ as a whole. 

4. We received Archbishop Mouneer Anis’s announcement that he will be handing over his responsibility at the end of this meeting as Chairman of the Global South to Archbishop Justin Badi who was elected by the Global South Primates present at the Global South 7th Conference in Cairo in October 2019. He expressed his confidence in his successor as a man of God who spoke his mind and is a genuine voice from Africa, praying also for the Lord to provide him with all the wisdom and grace to undertake this important responsibility and for the Lord to use him for the expansion of His Kingdom. 

5. In keeping with the new Structure that has been adopted by the 7th Global South Conference in Cairo, October 2019, and to better reflect the spirit of the Global South, we unanimously agreed that the grouping be called the Global South Fellowship of Anglican Churches, abbreviated GSFA, from this meeting onwards. 

6. In response to the current and growing secretariat needs of the Global South, we unanimously agreed that an Executive Secretariat be set up in place of the Follow-Up Committee. The GSFA Executive Secretariat will comprise of 

• Director (Hon)- Bishop Rennis Ponniah 

• Executive Deputy Director - Revd William Mok 

• Financial Deputy Director (Hon) - Mr Keith Chua 

• Communications Officer 

• Track Coordinator 

The latter two capacities to be filled in due course. Currently, Revd William Mok is handling the Communications function as well. These appointments would commence immediately and be for a 3-year term. The appointments would be ratified at the proposed 1st GSFA Assembly.

7. We concurred with Archbishop Justin Badi who proposed that Archbishop Mouneer be appointed as an Adviser to the present GSFA Steering Committee. Archbishop Mouneer expressed that he was honoured to accept the appointment. 

8. We received a status update of the GSFA Membership Applications. Thus far, 10 of the 25 have responded positively, with 3 having completed all the submission requirements, 2 having only the matter of their Provincial Synod’s ratification. The meeting agreed that the 1st GSFA Assembly will proceed even if there were only 10 Provinces. Those Provinces that have yet to send in their membership applications will nonetheless be able to attend as Observers. The Secretariat was tasked to send out a fresh reminder with a letter from the new Chairman to urge those that have yet to apply to do so as soon as possible. 

9. We received the draft Operating Budget for GSFA presented by Mr Keith Chua. Funding to support the work of the GSFA Secretariat was presented. A funding model appropriate for the Global South context was discussed. We unanimously agreed that each Province would contribute an annual subscription fee of at least USD2,000/-. Those Provinces that are able to contribute over and above that amount were welcome to do so. Donations from individual Christians, Foundations and Organisations will also be welcome. 

10. We agreed that the 1st GSFA Assembly to be provisionally scheduled to take place in May 2021 (after Pentecost) with the venue yet to be determined. These would be reviewed and determined in due course taking into consideration prevailing circumstances and travel restrictions caused by the global Covid-19 pandemic. 

11. In closing, Archbishop Justin Badi expressed his thanks and appreciation to Archbishop Mouneer for his exemplary and faithful service as Chairman over the last 8 years. He also thanked Bishop Ng Moon Hing for his contributions and service over the years and as the Hon Treasurer in the GS Steering Committee. Appreciation was also expressed to Bishop Rennis Ponniah and Mr Keith Chua for their various contributions and service in the past and now in the GSFA Executive Secretariat. 


Global South Steering Committee: 

Chairman: The Most Revd Mouneer Hanna Anis, Alexandria 
Chairman (designate): The Most Revd Justin Badi, South Sudan 
Vice-Chairman: The Most Revd Hector Zavala, Chile 
Hon Secretary: The Most Revd Samuel Mankhin, Bangladesh 
Hon Treasurer: The Rt Revd Ng Moon Hing, West Malaysia 
Hon Treasurer (designate): The Most Revd Foley Beach, North America 
Members: The Most Revd Stephen Than Myint Oo, Myanmar 
The Most Revd James Wong, Indian Ocean 
The Most Revd Zacharie Masimango Katanda, Congo

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